Original Fiction

All content linked off of this page is password-protected. If you really, really want to read it, you can always e-mail me and ask for said password. (I may say no. Mostly this is here for the benefit of folks in IRL and a few other betas, but anything's possible.)

Paxverse -- An ever-expanding epic of urban fantasy; mutation, politics, and Natural Magic. Complicated and confusing, a work in progress.

Concrete Versus Empyreal -- An urban fantasy story set in the suburban wilds of Greater Vancouver. The story of the Darlith and Brandon families, colonisation, and what happens when the magic of the Old World and the magic of the New World come together in unexpected ways. A family history with scary monsters.

Other Fiction (and Poetry) -- Various works not set in a major 'verse, including short stories and poetry.

Music & Video -- Various multimedia stuff; opening credit sequences for imagined TV shows, my original songs, animation demo reels.