• October 12/2011: Wow, I fail at updating, don't I?
    Another year, another McShep Match. And brand-new, never seen before: Hawaii Five-0 fic! Apparently I write that now.

  • September 11/2010: Now that the reveal and the winners have come up, I can give you this year's mcshep-match offering:

  • January 09/2010: A little Sweater 'Verse snippet:

  • August 25/2009: Still working on re-coding older stories (27 to go!), but here, have a new Sweater 'Verse story, instead:

    • Casting On, a sequel to SGA/Murder, She Wrote crossover Knitted Goods in which somebody's sweet old auntie makes an appearance.
  • July 19/2009: LOTS of news! New site design goes live today. All navigation pages are done, but most content pages (i.e. most individual story pages) are still being formatted. Content links have, wherever possible, been kept the same. Should have this done soonish!

    Also, playing catch-up with two new fics:

    • Moron, an SGA John/Rodney fic, almost-but-not-quite Aliens-Made-Them-Do-It. Written for mcsmooch.
    • Knitted Goods, probably the first in a series, oh god. An SGA/Murder, She Wrote crossover, because SGA is terrifying and insidious and magnificent and I have no self-control. Also at least partly artemisiabrisol's fault.
  • March 03/2009: New fic up on the Fandom page: Rose Period. For the Artword challenge 16: colours.
  • February 04/2009: New fic up on the Fandom page: The Words That Bind. For 14 Valentines on LJ, on Day One: Body Image.
  • January 19/2009: New fic up on the Fandom page: Primacy. For the current round of mcsmooch and Cate's birthday. John/Rodney, PG. A tag to SGA 506: The Shrine.