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Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: SG-1

Rounded with a Sleep - Sixteen days ago, John died. So why is Rodney the only one who remembers it happening? [NC-17|john/rodney, teyla/kanaan|slash, team, friendship, angst, temporary character death (I swear!)|~14,600 words]

Running Tally - Atlantis is stuck on Earth, waiting for the IOA's decision. Rodney just broke up with his girlfriend. But John Sheppard is in a weirdly good mood, and Rodney wants to know why. [G|john/rodney, rodney/jennifer|slash, team, friendship, romance, on-Earth|~9,300 words]

Stockinette - When John first sees Rodney in the sweater, he spends a lot of time imagining kissing Rodney in it. (Sweater 'Verse, Crossover with Murder, She Wrote) [G|john/rodney|pre-slash, angst, hurt/comfort|~600 words]

Casting On - In Rodney's opinion, anybody who thinks that Jessica Fletcher is sweet clearly just isn't paying very close attention. (Sweater 'Verse, Crossover with Murder, She Wrote: sequel to Knitted Goods) [NC-17|john/rodney|romance, angst, hurt/comfort, friendship, crack|~21,000 words]

Knitted Goods - John walks into Rodney's quarters without knocking one day and finds Rodney sitting on his bed wearing a cardigan sweater with whales on it. (Sweater 'Verse, Crossover with Murder, She Wrote) [G|john/rodney|pre-slash, friendship, mild JohnisPining!angst|~1,300 words]

Moron - "This is stupid," Rodney mutters, mostly to himself. (Written for mcsmooch on LJ.) [PG|john/rodney|romance, friendship, angst|~2,400 words]

Rose Period - People die all the time and - and Rodney would rather it be someone other than John, that's all. Even if he has to make sure of it. (Written for Artword challenge 16: colours.) [PG|john/rodney|~2,900 words]

The Words That Bind - Can a person's life be whittled down to so narrow a pinpoint, that a moment's glimpse could comprise all pride, love, yearning, passion? How? Teyla knows that this is a thing of vision, ofsight, of the brief scattershot communion Earth people seem to have with anyone outside of a handful of those tied to them by blood and long-term circumstance. (Written for Day One: Body Image on 14 Valentines.) [PG|teyla/kanaan, some john/rodney|team, friendship|~4,400 words]

Primacy - It's most of a week before it starts to come back, but Rodney always remembers this: the terror at waking alone, blind panic driving him out into the corridors, only one goal on his mind, only one place where he'd be safe. John. (tag: 506 The Shrine) [PG|slash|john/rodney|drama, angst, hurt/comfort, team, friendship|~7,100 words]

Now The People Will Know We Were Here, or: Everything I Know, I Learned From Heritage Minutes - "Figure skaters?" Rodney eyes John critically. "Figure skaters. And weren't they the ones with the floppy purple shirts?"/"Hey, I had a crush on Jayne Torvill," John says, defensively, and is glad he's wearing the hat, because his ears are suddenly burning. Yeah. Jayne Torvill. That was it. (Written for the 2008 McShep Happyfest.)[PG|slash|john/rodney|crack, romance, team, friendship, hurt/comfort, fluff|~20,639 words]

Mother Country - None of them were made for this bureaucratic nightmare, but they couldn't just leave the people of Pegasus to twist in the wind. That wasn't why they were here. (Written for the 2008 SGA Big Bang challenge. Official story-post here.)[PG|slash|john/rodney|drama, angst, romance, team, friendship|~58,880 words] Now with Story Preview and a Q&A by artemisiabrisol!

Nothing You Could Do - His head's spinning, and he feels himself making a face, because it feels like he's just fast-forwarded, like he's lived the last several months but they're just hitting him now. (Tag: 5.05, The Daedelus Variations. Written for the mcsmooch community's Emergency Smooching Session of the week of August 18/2008.) [PG|slash|john/rodney|angst, romance, hurt-comfort|~1,600 words]

A Thousand Dancing Bears - What Rodney did yesterday, John's not sure he could have done. But that's not new, not really. (Written for the mcsmooch community's Emergency Smooching Session of the week of August 18/2008.) [PG|slash|john/rodney|humour, angst, romance, hurt-comfort|~4,200 words]

In This Era of Liberty - They lose the Daedelus at the beginning of the fifth year. That's the first night John crawls into bed with him. (Written for the 2008 mcshep_match challenge.) [PG|slash|john/rodney|angst, romance, hurt-comfort, team, friendship, and stupid, stupid boys|~35,600 words]

Glad to the Brink of Fear - The boys sleep in. And in. And in. (Written for the 010: Reversed challenge on the Artword community. Inspired by this lovely piece of art by Unamaga.) [G|slash|john/rodney|schmoop, romance, established relationship|~2,400 words]

Little Storms - They don't like to admit it, but sometimes, John's wrong. Usually it's Rodney who has to say so.(Written for the must be dreaming challenge over on sga_flashfic.) [PG|slash|john/rodney|angst, romance, team, friendship|~17,850 words]

Consider the Hand - The low-grade headache he's been ignoring all day is now slowly making itself known, coiling at the base of his skull, the back of his neck. (Written for the mcsmooch challenge on LJ. [PG|slash|john/rodney|friendship, slash|~3,300 words]

Balancing the House - She thinks that what killed her father wasn't disease, but bitterness. She supposes that's a sickness, too. (Written for the Family Challenge in the sga_flashfic community on LJ. Part of the Catalysis universe; Jeannie mourns her father, and misses her brother.) [G|gen|angst, drama|~3,500 words]

Breadth - Somehow, while it was happening, it hadn't seemed strange at all that Rodney would be the one to kiss him first. (Dug up for the mcsmooch challenge on LJ. Deleted scene from Catalysis.) [PG-13|slash|john/rodney|angst, hurt/comfort, first time|~2,000 words]

Twelve Days' Breath - Rodney's never been good with anything that lacked explanation. [PG|slash|john/rodney|angst, hurt/comfort, established relationship|~3,800 words]

At Least in This - It's funny, because he can imagine Rodney's outrage when he realised that of all things, the soul was the one thing that couldn't be measured. (tag: 4.20 The Last Man) [PG-13|slash|john/rodney|angst, hurt/comfort|~5,500 words]

Catalysis - After Rodney is held hostage on a trade mission, he starts to fall apart. Can he pull himself together before he's sent back to Earth permanently, or will he just keep pretending until John makes him deal? [hard R|slash|john/rodney|angst, hurt/comfort, earthfic|warning: character death|~62,000 words]

Schadenfreude Pie - Ever since Rodney showed him the ring, John's been acting strange, and Rodney wants to know why. (tag: 4.13 Quarantine) [PG|slash|john/rodney|friendship, hurt/comfort, humour|~6000 words]


The Little Life and the Great River - A month after Miranda, River is trying to put the pieces of her mind back together, and Mal decides to look up some old friends who might help. But what they find is a conspiracy, and that the reasons River was made are deeper than anyone dreamed. [R|het, slash|various pairings|incomplete]

So Weird

Cold Comforts - When a stranger from the past of the Phillips family appears, asking for help, everyone is forced to do some soul-searching into Rick's death; was Fi right all along? [PG]

O, Brave New World - Fi, Jack and Annie are training with the Circle. But what is this somehow-familiar, looming shadow that haunts Jack's nightmares, and Annie's visions? And why does it know their names? (sequel to Cold Comforts, crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer) [PG]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

To Paint the Silence - Giles returned, brimming with power, and Evil Willow promptly sucked him dry. But where did Giles find such incredible power, and how did he know where to look? (crossover with So Weird, follows O, Brave New World.) [PG]

The Siege of Alesia - After Sunnydale was destroyed, their old lives were over, and it was time to start new ones, whether they liked it or not. Giles, Willow and Xander embark on a quest to gather together the scattered Watchers and the Slayers. (crossover with So Weird, incomplete, follows To Paint the Silence and O, Brave New World) [PG]


Daniel Williams, Nap Missionary (Hawaii Five-0) - Somehow, calling a nap makes it weird. Embarrassing. Not that he can admit that or anything. [PG, danny/steve | unmitigated fluff | ~5,300 words]

Waking Up and Waking Up (Gray's Anatomy) - Dreams can be funny things, especially when they happen over and over again. [PG, gen, george/meredith]

Exodus (The X-Files) - Humanity lost the war when Fox Mulder and Dana Scully Surrendered. Now all that was left was running. [PG]

Bloodless (Harry Potter) - Set after the end of PoA. Remus waits for Sirius for two days. When the knock on the door comes, it's someone else. [slash, angst, sirius/remus PG]

Burning Curtains (Roswell AU) - They had left Tess behind, left Isabel behind. It was all Max's fault. (AU for "Departure") [PG, slash, max/michael]


(If you don't already know what Subreality is, you probably wouldn't be interested anyway. It's possible Google might be able to tell you what the dinosaur is talking about. ^.^)

Steadfast -- A loyal dog is man's - and Sprite's - best friend.

Cherry Silk -- Doctor Matthew Hamilton has a proposal to make - and in the most public fashion!

Starshops Versus Hotdogs -- A lesson on why one should never trust the advertisement - especially in Subreality.

Chapter Zero: A Conspiracy of Insignificant Proportions -- The Federation prologue - before the fights begin.

Epilogue: Do You Know Where Your Towel Is? -- A tribute to the late Douglas Adams, may he rest in peace.

A Writer's Aubade: Last Rites and Burgundy Sunsets -- One old Writer takes a last ride into the Subreal sunset.

Scratches -- What happens when the line is blurred too much.

The Demon's Blood Arc:

Subterfuge in Purple -- When Tris takes Anisha to get her M.U.S.E. license, Anisha goes to visit someone without Tris's knowledge - Tris's estranged brother.

The Necessity of Caffeine to Effective Storytelling -- Anisha takes Lily home to meet her mother.

Shadows in the Sea (part one) -- A tale of Tris's childhood - why would a winged girl be afraid to fly?

The Inspiration Overdose Arc:

Note: Bits of this series take place at the same time as the Little Lost Writer series by Damien Kellis, and the Fallen Round Robin.

Inspiration Overdose -- A mysterious disease is affecting the Writers in Subreality. What does it mean? Can it be stopped?

Healer's Errand -- As the disease becomes an epidemic that threatens all of the Writers and the fabric of Subreality itself, and some begin to realize that there's more going on than meets the eye.

Return Address -- In the midst of crisis, the mysterious Writer's Council makes itself known - by kidnapping several Writers. References to the Little Lost Writer arc by Damien Kellis.

Water Stronger Than Stone -- There's a hole in Shantytown, slowly devouring all of Subreality, and no one knows exactly why. The epidemic becomes a disease, and the Scribe herself decides to try and find out what's going on. Chandri and Robin go to ask the Tree of Life for help - and a cure. And unbeknownst to their friends, D^Knight, Rachel and Isis are abducted.

Rallying Light -- The other Writers are slowly going missing, and Chandri goes to demand a final explanation of the Council. As Subreality crumbles around them, few remain to stop it.

Shadows Made of Light -- Subreality is vanishing into the mysterious hole, and everyone is gone... can the few remaining Writers, a couple of Muses, an ancient fictive and the Metaphor figure out what's going on, before it's too late?

Ink and Paper -- Finally understanding what needs to be done to stop the disease and the impending Armageddon, Tris races to find the second half of the Cure... but will she be in time? References to Fallen.